VW's New Self-Driving Taxis

The Volkswagen Group introduced the Sedric, a self-driving car, which gives us a good futuristic look at how robo-taxis could take care of all the driving responsibilities for us in the very near future. The idea is a shared mobility electric vehicle which was designed to offer the most elevated level of self-driving autonomy for occupants, VW said in an announcement. The Sedric car would have the capacity to drive kids to class, take their folks to the workplace, search autonomously for a parking spot, gather shopping that has been requested, or get guests from a train station, as per Volkswagen - all at the touch of a button, with voice control or with a cell phone app.

The idea is an alleged Level 5 vehicle prepared to do completely mechanized operation. It is a precursor for more such models from VW in years to come, CEO Matthias Mueller said. The auto was imagined, planned and created by VW's Future Center Europe in Potsdam, Germany, and engineers in Wolfsburg. The vehicle is outfitted with a vibration signal that aides individuals with disabled vision to the auto. 

For those clients that may wish to possess a vehicle, Volkswagen said Sedric could likewise be designed separately to meet the customized tastes of its user. "We're convinced that fully autonomous cars will make life in our cities better, more environmentally friendly and safer. Sedric offers the first concrete outlook," Volkswagen Group CEO Matthias Mueller said.

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